It's another gorgeous boy!
At 4:33pm on 3/4/07, weighing in at eight pounds six and a half ounces, James Anthony (Jamie) was introduced to the world. Mother and baby are doing well. I have posted some early photos at the following links:
05 Apr 2007 by Mike

Still Growing..
Well Tom's now five months old, has two teeth and is happily munching on solid food. His weight has gone up to 19lb 9oz and we've been forced to invest in a new car seat as he'll very soon outgrow his baby carrier. What fool said they should last to around 9 months?? We've uploaded some more photos so you can see the little heffalump for yourselves.
24 Aug 2005 by Linda

Yet more photos!
Thomas is continuing to grow rapidly and at 9 weeks weighs 14lb. He's now learned to smile so to celebrate we've added a whole load more photos to the Our Baby section.
13 May 2005 by Linda

Thomas - New Photos
Our good friend Dan has been round to take some photos of Thomas at 4 weeks. This time he erected a mini studio in our living room and the results speak for themselves. The latest photos are in the Our Baby section. Thomas is currently weighing in at 11lbs and still keeping us very busy.
08 Apr 2005 by Mike

Home at last
Just a quick note to say that Tom and I came home from the hospital yesterday. Tom is keeping us busy so we haven't updated the baby page yet but we'll try and at least get a few photos on there soon. He's extremely handsome of course with such good looking parents.

What do you mean biased??? angry
13 Mar 2005 by Linda

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